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Flight Instruction and Aircraft Rental

Get your pilot's license at Rhoades Air Center! We currently have two aircraft available for training and rental. Descriptions and hourly rates are shown below.

Your private pilot's license allows you to fly day or night, and take trips with your friends and family.

The following aircraft are available for rental after an appropriate checkout by our flight instructor.  Please call for details.

Cessna 172R

Our 1999 Cessna 172R is fitted with high quality standard navigational equipment. This aircraft seats four. Cruise speed is about 115 knots true airspeed. A luxurious interior provides students with great comfort during training, and a complete avionics package with GPS enables advanced navigation procedures including IFR training.

N23049 $129/hour 

Cessna 152

Our 1980 Cessna 152 is a two seat, minimally equipped training airplane. Student pilots choose this aircraft for it's simplicity and economical rental rate. The Cessna 152 is a great trainer, and is fun to fly. Its lighter weight gives it quick responsiveness to pilot control inputs.

N4691L $86/hour

Ground School

Choose to study at home, or take one-on-one, or group ground school lessons. Everything is included in a ground and flight training syllabus, and all the necessary books and supplies are ready for purchase at the front desk. 

Flight Instruction 

Richard Drake is the flight instructor at Rhoades Air Center. Richard has over 30 years of exerience in general and commercial aviation with over 12,000 hours of flight exerience.
Richard is an ATP with type ratings in Learjet, HS125 and SA227 aircraft. His flight instructor ratings include single and multi engine land and instrument, single engine sea and glider. He also is an advanced and instrument ground instructor.
Whether you are interested in making aviation a hobby or a career, give him a call at your convenience to set up an appointment to experience the joy of flying for yourself.
Rhoades Office: 812-372-1819


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